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Trade-related aspects of electronic commerce and telecommunications

ICC shares a common interest in working with the World Trade Organization (WTO) and its members to determine how the WTO can support the development of e-commerce in a manner that ensures participation by all countries in the online global economy.

To begin this work, ICC would like to set forth the following negotiating objectives:

  1. to promote the development of the infrastructure that is necessary to conduct e-commerce;
  2. to promote the development of trade in goods and services via e-commerce; and
  3. to prevent the establishment of new barriers to e-commerce during and after the GATS* 2000 negotiations.

Given that e-commerce is a new and dynamic medium to deliver goods and services, it needs comprehensive consideration to ensure its true potential. In that regard, ICC members view the following comments and negotiating objectives as part of an ongoing dialogue among business, governments, and other stakeholders that will take place formally and informally during the GATS 2000 negotiations and any potential new round. Interim progress on the objectives set forth would be most welcome.

While important progress has been achieved, a significant number of barriers remain, barriers which could and should be reduced in WTO GATS 2000 negotiations. Liberalization, complemented by transparency, competition, and regulatory reform are critical to economic growth and stability. Moreover, providers, users, and consumers stand to benefit from greater competition, choice, and convenience.

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