Open letter to Trade Ministers on WTO Fisheries Subsidies Negotations

ICC has published an open letter to trade ministers ahead of the upcoming World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiations on fisheries subsidies.

The International Chamber of Commerce, the institutional representative of 45 million businesses of all sizes worldwide across all sectors and industries, has long been a champion of curbing subsidies that threaten marine diversity, create unfair advantages in the fisheries sector, and distort the global economy. Subsidies that, by definition, promote harmful, illegal and unreported fishing must be “disciplined” if governments are serious about preserving the global commons, protecting the livelihoods of small businesses and artisanal fishers, and building a more economically and ecologically sustainable future for businesses and workers all over the world.

In this open letter, ICC Secretary General John W.H. Denton AO calls upon trade ministers to come to rapidly conclude the fisheries subsidies negotations at the World Trade Organization.