ICC Submission Talanoa Dialogue

ICC Submission for the Talanoa Dialogue

The International Chamber of Commerce serves as the UNFCCC Focal Point for business and industry and it is the first private sector organisation to have been granted Observer Status at the United Nations General Assembly. ICC now has the opportunity to contribute to the Talanoa Dialogue, previously referred to as the Facilitative Dialogue, and engage in an open, inclusive and transparent way with the UNFCC process.

Building on the ICC Talanoa Dialogue Workshop, this submission illustrates the way business can contribute to the Talanoa Dialogue by focusing on ‘where we are’, ‘where we want to go’ and ‘how we get there’.

As a global business organisation, the ICC is committed to the goals of the Paris Agreement and this commitment is reaffirmed in the ICC Strategy recently adopted by ICC’s Executive Board – to promote sustainable, inclusive economic growth and responsible business engagement in line with the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.

In this submission, ICC seeks to determine what the private sector can expect from the Talanoa Dialogue and what the private sector can contribute to the process. ICC believes that this collaboration with the UNFCCC will be essential to meeting the climate challenge and to promoting sustainable and inclusive growth.

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