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ICC Recommendations on the Administration of the AEO Program in the European Community (2010)

The purpose of this paper is to ensure that the provisions of the Customs Code will be applied with the greatest degree of flexibility to achieve a streamlined model both for AEO program implementation and within the company itself. In addition the paper aims to build a constructive and long term ‘partnership’ for a company with a single supervising customs administration.

Multi-national companies see value in the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) model for both security and trade. However, current European Community (EC) rules requiring companies to file applications in each member state is not conducive to achieving corporate wide control and harmonized compliance with trade and security goals.

We believe this to be in the interest of both customs and industry, as well as critical for the smooth functioning of the EU Internal market It is also a practical implementation of the Customs Code, which supported by the provisions of Article 50 of the Customs Code, takes advantage of the cooperative approach which customs have been working bilaterally with counterparts in other member states as well as with the companies concerned.

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