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ICC recommendations on Mutual Recognition of US-EU Trade Partner Programs for Border Security

ICC welcomes the development of a Roadmap between the United States and European Union towards Mutual Recognition of Trade Partnership Programs, which was announced in March 2008, with a target for eventual achievement of mutual recognition (MR) in 2009.

A U.S.-E.U. mutual recognition agreement is an important business priority, which would cover about forty percent of global trade and, now that the E.U. security programs have fixed dates for implementation, could serve as a basis for the long-term development of trusted trader privileges. Business understands that this is a continuing dialogue process and encourages both U.S.-E.U. customs administrations to engage industry in development of the Roadmap so that the eventual mutual recognition could meet the aspirations of both customs and the private sector. This is especially critical as it is likely that a U.S.-E.U. mutual recognition agreement will set a precedent that could help to provide both improved supply chain security and global trade facilitation.

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