ICC International Code of Direct Selling

ICC International Code of Direct Selling

The ICC Code of Direct Selling is intended primarily as an instrument for self-regulation and self-discipline, but may also be used by the Courts as a reference document within the framework of applicable legislation.

ICC expects business operators to respect and endorse the Code both in the spirit and to the letter. It is recommended as a daily reference source for everyone involved in direct selling.

The Code is intended to achieve the following objectives:

  • demonstrate responsibility and good practice in direct selling across the world;
  • enhance overall public confidence in direct selling;
  • respect privacy and consumer preferences and to provide effective consumer protection;
  • promote fair competition and free enterprise;
  • provide effective practical and flexible solutions;
  • minimise the need for detailed governmental and/or inter-governmental legislation or

Structure of the Code

The Code is constructed as a system of ethical rules for the various phases and aspects of the direct selling process. It has been divided into four chapters:

  • Basic principles
  • Conduct towards consumers
  • Conduct towards direct sellers
  • Responsibility, substantiation and implementation