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ICC input to: Green Climate Fund initial consultation on observer participation in the proceedings of the board of the Green Climate Fund (2012)

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) welcomes this opportunity to provide input to the Green Climate Fund Board on the modalities of observer participation in the work of the Board.

As the focal point for the business constituency at UNFCCC, ICC has gained experience over many years working with Parties, the Secretariat and existing Convention Bodies. ICC has also served as global business voice in numerous other inter-governmental forums relating to sustainability, including the U.N. Environment Programme and the U.N Commission on Sustainable Development.

This long experience has allowed us to help develop and extend important informal channels for discussion and dialogue between business and the UNFCCC. These have evolved over the past years, and have included dialogue with the Experts Group on Technology Transfer and the new Technology Mechanism, participation in in-session workshops, and co-organizing COP “Business Days”.

We are willing to go further and work within our ranks to provide more structured, consolidated input and expertise wherever Parties believe it can provide a resource. Global business encourages the Green Climate Fund Board and interim secretariat to be open to practical, effective, and substantive ways of drawing on this expertise and information throughout the process.

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