ICC Global Survey on Trade Finance 2013

ICC Global Survey on Trade Finance 2013

A detailed statistical analysis of the regional and global trends in trade finance followed by a digest of the activities of multilateral development banks and export credit agencies in trade finance that charts their growing presence.

This survey uncovers patterns in business and trade, helping our members make sense of these changes and their implications. An accurate snapshot of market trends, the survey enables bankers, traders and government officials to gauge global trade expectations.

The future of trade finance may look like this:

  • Regulations become more burdensome, reducing profit margins of financial institutions and constraining bank intermediates.
  • A two-speed economic and financial system emerges, with developed markets in slow gear and developing markets in higher gear.
  • Deleveraging and US dollar liquidity issues continue disrupting the traditional trade finance model. The economy remains more volatile and unpredictable than before the financial crisis.
  • Trade facilitation programs of MDBs provide much needed liquidity, but are not sufficient alone in scope to bridge the trade finance gap.
  • New SME entrants are starved of trade finance in many countries due to the prevailing trade finance gap.


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