ICC Global Report on Trade Finance 2009

ICC Global Report on Trade Finance 2009

This report was prepared by the ICC Banking Commission for the WTO Expert Group Meeting on 18 March 2009.

At the request of the WTO, and against the unfolding financial and economic crisis, the ICC Banking Commission has undertaken a survey to gather reliable quantitative and qualitative data on trade volume flows; the impact of current market conditions on the delivery of trade finance; and an outline of future expectations for the marketplace.

The purpose of the Survey is to obtain information from the marketplace that reflects current commercial and operational practice in the international trade finance banking community that can facilitate the formulation of a coherent response to the problems being faced in trade finance.

Specifically, the Survey questions addressed the following topics:

  • Breakdown of traditional trade finance products handled within banks
  • Trends in volumes and values of traditional trade products
  • Trends in demand and pricing for bank undertakings and L/C Confirmations
  • Operational impact of the credit crisis
  • Trade credit line availability
  • Loss experience for rating traditional trade products versus general banking facilities


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