ICC Global Export Finance Committee

Establishment of an ICC Export Finance Working Group, serving as a representative global platform for Medium and Long Term Export Finance banks.

Over the last years the need for a common approach of banks active in the Export Financing industry has increased, mainly as a result of changes in regulatory requirements and changes in the value chain (policy changes of Export Credit Agencies, involvement of capital markets funding etc.).

In many countries discussions are being held with governments how to more efficiently support exports, investments and trade. The involvement in these discussions of banks active in trade is usually limited through national banking unions and the MLT expert representation in debates is limited and scattered.

The objectives of this Forum are therefore threefold:

  1. to ultimately create a credible standing global discussion Forum of banking experts in MLT Export Financing;
  2. to create a representative body to discuss industry matters with various stakeholders such as the Berne Union;
  3. to advocate for and help develop improvements and efficiencies through standardization and harmonization of processes and regulations.
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