ICC Cybersecurity Issue Brief #1

An ICC Issues brief calling for government action on cybersecurity

The global business community has made significant and continuing investments in securing technologies and developing defensive cyber tools, skills, and procedures. Despite these major contributions, industry cannot bear the growing destructive consequences of cyberattacks alone.

To substantially curb the ever-rising trend of cyber threats, both in the probability of occurrence and in its organisational and social impact and incidents, urgent and concrete actions are needed by governments—on the national and international fronts.

Following up on the ICC Policy Primer on Cybersecurity, this Issue Brief addresses (i) the expanding cybersecurity risk landscape with which businesses must contend, (ii) the wider economic and social impact of cybersecurity threats on the business community and communities more widely, and (iii) the urgent steps that governments must take to curb cyber threats and shield their citizens and economies from the destructive consequences of cyberattacks.

The International Chamber of Commerce and its members call on governments worldwide to:

  • uphold and implement commitments to international law and norms;
  • adopt a multistakeholder approach to inform policies and to help protect critical infrastructure;
  • bolster cross-border cooperation to effectively tackle cybercrime;
  • curtail the proliferation of offensive cyber tools and instruments;
  • invest in capacity building to understand cyber-risks and cyber-exposed assets and their vulnerabilities; and
  • support the private sector’s efforts to systematise a prevention first approach to cyber threats.