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ICC Customs Guidelines

A modern, efficient and effective customs administration

Strategic plan

  • associates its business community with the development of a strategic plan, looking forward three to five years, which describes its overall strategy and key priorities, supported by an annual management plan containing more detailed targets, objectives and performance measures;
  • publishes an annual review, up-dating strategy and reporting progress;

Workforce and structure

  • employs a highly professional workforce, which is recruited competitively, well trained, adequately paid and screened for enforcement risks, with written, standardised job descriptions and objectives, supporting transparent career development and promotion policies;
  • establishes an internal security unit, or is subject to an equivalent external body, to deal with issues of employee integrity. These arrangements should be known to the trade community, which should be given information enabling them to contact the appropriate security agency as and when necessary;
  • ensures that all employees having contact with the public carry proper identification, which should be shown on request;
  • trains officers to investigate complex frauds, and recommend appropriate action;
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