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ICC comments in response to the European Commission’s Public Consultation on proposals for simplifying procedures under the EU Merger Regulation

ICC welcomes the opportunity to respond to the consultation of the European Commission on its proposals for simplifying procedures under the EU Merger Regulation (EUMR).


Members of the Task Force broadly welcome the Commission’s aim to “make EU merger control even more business-friendly by cutting red tape and streamlining procedures” as “part of the Commission’s overall effort to make administrative procedures less burdensome for business, thereby stimulating growth and making Europe more competitive”. To that aim, a simple and straightforward merger control regime that prioritises legal certainty, keeps costs to a minimum, and does not represent disproportionate burdens on businesses is surely to be welcomed. In particular, we support:
(a) the increased thresholds for identification of “affected” markets in the Forms CO and RS; and
(b) the expansion of the categories of cases that qualify for a simplified procedure and filing with Short Form CO.


  • Introduction
  • Changes to form CO and form RS
  • Proposed changes to short form CO and the simplified procedure notice
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