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ICC BASIS priorities regarding UN General Assembly discussions on ECOSOC resolutions related to WSIS and IGF

The UN General Assembly will discuss draft ECOSOC resolutions regarding the future of the UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development (CSTD) working group and Internet Governance Forum ( IGF) improvement processes during its session September – December 2011.

This document outlines global business’s priorities and concerns regarding the IGF and these resolutions. Global business will seek to inform governments of our views, and seek support for the work and role of the CSTD in WSIS follow up and in the support of the CSTD working group on improvements to the IGF, as well as on the relevant topic of ‘enhanced cooperation’. Global business does not support merging the IGF with any other entity or activity, whether the WSIS action lines Forum or a UN agency. Global business supports continued improvements and enhancements to strengthen the IGF and its relevance to all stakeholders, without changing its core nature, and function.

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