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ICC-BASIS intervention – USCIB Open Consultation – Internet Governance Forum (IGF)

We’d like to return to the earlier discussion about dynamic coalitions, and we agree with you, Chair, and with Mr. Kummer, and with some of the previous interventions on the need to clarify what dynamic coalitions are at this point in time, given that we have now completed two IGFs and are well on our way to preparing the third.

We’d like to give some of our perspectives on the dynamic coalitions. Dynamic coalitions should be opportunities for stakeholders from a range of perspectives to come together and to discuss and work on issues between IGF events. Meetings can be organized during an IGF event and reports on the status of the work can be presented at such meetings or in the reporting-back sessions.

We believe that accepting one particular viewpoint should not be a criterion for belonging to a dynamic coalition, nor should it be the goal of a dynamic coalition to advance one particular viewpoint and use the IGF as a forum for such advocacy. Dynamic coalition meetings will be more productive if they adopt an interactive format and draw upon the range of stakeholders present at the IGF and become more inclusive of different viewpoints and if they are run as meetings rather than as extra workshops. This would help define the dynamic coalition focus in the year to come and consider the related issues that are important to new participants who may not be active in the coalition. Dynamic coalitions should propose workshops if they wish to use that format, and it should then not be called a meeting.

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