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ICC BASIS Intervention on Enhanced Cooperation

ICC BASIS believes that continued cooperation between governments and other stakeholders is the most effective framework for addressing Internet development and policy issues.

Over the past five years, the private sector has invested heavily in the expansion of Internet infrastructure and services, and the number of Internet users around the globe has nearly doubled to 2 billion users, as others have noted. The multi-stakeholder Internet Governance process has helped to create an environment that encouraged this rapid growth and expansion, which is contributing to progress on the Millennium Development Goals.

We recognize that many challenges remain and that the process should reflect the dynamic nature of the Internet and the Information Society. The private sector is committed to continuing its active participation in the enhanced cooperation process, as well as our own efforts to expand outreach and inclusion. For example, since the conclusion of the Tunis Summit, ICC BASIS and its members have supported capacity building and other aspects of the WSIS process. ICC BASIS also has worked to expand the diversity of private sector participation, including efforts to expand participation by small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) and businesses in developing countries.

Moreover, enhanced cooperation should encourage greater cooperation among existing organizations, not create a new process.Enhanced cooperation already is being facilitated across the spectrum of relevant organizations including those that are that are intergovernmental, those that are private-sector led and those that are multistakeholder. Therefore, we believe today’s consultation is an important step in the process, not the start of a new process.

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