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ICC BASIS input on WSIS review process

The WSIS and the post-WSIS processes have proven the benefits of the inclusion of all relevant stakeholders in discussing, implementing and making progress on the WSIS goals and a people centered Information Society. All relevant stakeholders include governments, business, civil society, the Internet technical community, international and intergovernmental organizations. We believe the process associated with this review of the WSIS outcomes should continue to include all relevant stakeholders on an equal footing and in a substantive manner. All relevant stakeholders have been actively engaged in a broad range of activities, processes and forums which continue to implement the WSIS goals. Thus, we believe a review of the outcomes will benefit from their full participation in all aspects.

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and its BASIS initiative, Business Action to Support the Information Society, welcome the opportunity to contribute to the consultation on the WSIS review process. ICC BASIS and its cross-sectoral membership of businesses and associations from around the world have been active contributors throughout the Summits in Geneva and Tunis and in the post-WSIS processes and forums.

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