ICC Anti-corruption Clause

ICC Anti-corruption Clause

This ICC Anti-corruption Clause is for companies to include in their agreements, whereby they undertake to comply with the ICC Rules on Combating Corruption or commit to put in place and maintain an anti-corruption compliance programme.

This ICC Anti-corruption Clause is intended to apply to any contract that incorporates it either by reference or in full. While parties to a contract are encouraged to incorporate the Clause into their contract by its full name, it is anticipated that any reference in the contract to the ‘Clause’ or related variations shall, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, be deemed to be a reference to the ICC Anticorruption Clause.

The general aim of the Clause is to provide parties with a contractual provision that will reassure them about the integrity of their counterparts during the pre-contractual period as well as during the term of the contract and even thereafter.


  • Clause to be included in contracts whereby parties commit to complying with ICC Rules on Combating Corruption or commit to put in place and maintain a corporate anti-corruption compliance programme.
  • Helps preserve trust between parties and prevents corruption in both the negotiation and performance of contracts.
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