Facilitating Trade in Motion Pictures (2014)

The ICC Commission on Customs and Trade Facilitation in consultation with the ICC Commission on Intellectual Property produced a key Policy Statement, entitled ‘Facilitating Trade in Motion Pictures: Leveling the Customs Playing Field’.

The Policy Statement outlines the issues relating to customs valuation in motion pictures. The pace of growth of global trade in motion pictures has accelerated dramatically in recent years. However, customs policies applied to motion pictures have failed to keep pace with the changes in the industry. Therefore, this Policy Statement discusses the need to modernize the existing customs valuation regime and make customs valuation uniform across all types of intellectual property.

Through this Policy Statement ICC calls on all relevant authorities to ensure that the provisions of the World Trade Organization’s Customs Valuation Agreement are correctly applied, so that duties levied on trade in motion pictures do not improperly calculate the customs value in relation to royalty and license fees.

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