ICC-BASIS intervention, Ayesha Hassan, ICC Open Consultation-Internet Governance Forum (IGF)

  • 11 November 2016

ICC-BASIS members support the evolved approach that's being taken to the draft program and it responds to many stakeholders' feedback that the IGF in India should build on the IGF in Athens in 2006 and in Rio in 2007, and to continue to provide an open and informative forum for discussion on Internet Governance issues among all stakeholders.

It is essential that the IGF continue the successful multistakeholder approach in all aspects of its preparations and the events. On the basic structure for Hyderabad, ICC-BASIS members are encouraged by the new approach for this meeting, and the emphasis on interaction in all sessions.

The IGF offers a unique opportunity for discussion and exchange, and the focus should be more on interaction with and by the audience in the main sessions as well as other events. In order to build on the previous IGFs, ICC-BASIS encourages concretization and announcement of partnerships that have been launched and commitments to be part of the IGF in India. The IGF is stimulating many exciting initiatives and they should be captured in the program and highlighted in a primary session. Such a session would capture the developments in the past year and the discussion about useful partnerships and alliances would also help identify people and initiatives that could be replicated in other regions or for other issues. We continue to believe that a session highlighting the valuable activities and partnerships that have been made possible by the IGF is a solid outcome. This could be one of the reporting sessions, for instance, that is devoted to announcing these partnerships and initiatives which may not be taking the dynamic coalition label.
We also continue to believe that the IGF provides value in bringing together diverse stakeholders to discuss ongoing and emerging issues together, and that negotiated outcomes would detract from the unique opportunity that the IGF provides for this kind of dialogue.