ICC BASIS intervention at WSIS action lines facilitators meeting, Geneva 24 February 2011

  • 11 November 2016

My name is Keith Drazek, I am Director of Policy for VeriSign, and I appreciate the opportunity to provide these comments on behalf of the International Chamber of Commerce, ICC and its BASIS initiative, Business Action to Support the information society. ICC has actively contributed to the WSIS process through the Coordinating Committee of Business Interlocutors (CCBI) throughout the WSIS Geneva and Tunis events, and now through BASIS in the post-WSIS activities.

ICC BASIS has consistently provided input stressing the importance of focusing sessions on concrete initiatives that demonstrate the efforts of all stakeholders to implement the goals of the WSIS action lines; however more can be done in this area to ensure all projects encompassing the efforts of all stakeholders are appropriately highlighted.
There have been some sessions that did provide real examples of such concrete projects such as the ICT 4D Bangladesh thematic workshop and the community media session among others; these sessions provided excellent examples of initiatives being taken by a range of stakeholders to fulfill the goals of the action lines, they were informative and inspiring.
We would encourage the WSIS action lines forum and facilitation process to build on such sessions and ensure that a broader range of stakeholder activities are highlighted in future events.