Towards a common implementation framework of the cybersecurity acquis: shared goals for cyber action 

  • 29 November 2023

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Given the destructive consequences of successfully executed cyberthreats on a global scale, it is imperative for the international community to come together and take concrete action to halt the growing worldwide trend of cyberthreats. To effectively put existing agreed norms and international law into operation, common goals, supported by a concrete framework for national implementation are necessary. This is why we need shared goals for cyber action; an actionable, collaboratively drafted and agreed agenda to increase the security of the digital economy to drive inclusive development.

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This paper offers a preliminary guiding post of common goals to mainstream cybersecurity into the global digital development agenda, as a shared path forward for the international community to navigate and respond to the challenges and opportunities of cyberspace.

Digital transformation is now an intrinsic part of every country’s development. Yet, as the footprint and malicious threats of cyberspace in critical operations and our everyday lives continue to grow, discussions around securing cyberspace take centre stage. Translating those conversations into concrete actions is imperative to combat the rising tide of cyberattacks. The international community has a crucial role to play, with cross-sector, and business and government collaboration being a key enabler to curtail both the monetary and non-monetary costs of cyber threats. This paper brings together concrete examples of shared goals for cyber action, to provide a starting point and inspire multistakeholder discussions: 

ICC’s ambition is to support organisations which could drive a multistakeholder process to develop and agree on those goals. 

Collectively, these goals present a common trajectory for the global community, outlining the necessary policies, regulations, and actions for a secure digital economy. It’s crucial to note that they are not designed as a step-by-step playbook. States may vary in their progress toward these goals, with some opting to concentrate on specific objectives initially. 

As the world’s largest business organisation, ICC is committed to advocating for policies that harness the benefits of cyberspace, while strengthening the resilience of organisations through an international framework of actionable goals that give a bold response to the growing tide of cyber threats.