Letter from ICC Secretary General Guy Sebban to World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz on the fight against corruption

  • 11 November 2016

This letter briefs possible ICC contribution to the World Bank action plan on governance and anti-corruption.

Through our global reach and strong roots in the corporate world, ICC, as the world business organization, could come to play a useful role in building business support for implementing the World Bank’s action plan.

There are several ways ICC can contribute to this effort:

The “ICC Rules of Conduct to Combat Extortion and Bribery” together with our “Fighting Corruption” handbook will provide two invaluable tools for the Bank’s outreach to business, and most specifically to small and medium-sized enterprises. I enclose a copy of each so you can have a better understanding of our work to date.

As the Bank strengthens its action at country level to promote the fight against corruption, your efforts could benefit from ICC’s unparalleled access to companies and chambers of commerce in more than 130 countries, notably in relation to seminars, workshops and other special events.

Business experts from ICC’s Commission on Anti-Corruption can provide your team with a unique insight into key business priorities for combating corruption more efficiently, such as the need to establish reporting channels for complaints about the solicitation of bribes.