ICC Tax Charter

  • 23 July 2018

ICC Tax Charter

ICC tax guidelines

The ICC Tax Charter presents a useful tool to encourage collaboration between governments and the business community, which is essential to help define the contours of a suitable tax framework that encourages business activities, job creation, economic growth and consistency of global standards.

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The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), as the world business organization, works to promote open, rules-based multilateral trade and investment, the market economy system, sustainable economic growth, responsible business conduct and a global approach to regulation. In the area of taxation, ICC supports transparent, efficient, predictable and stable tax regimes that incentivise long term investment, job creation and economic growth. ICC advocates for a consistent global tax system, founded on the premise that stability, certainty and consistency in global tax principles are essential for business and will foster cross-border trade and investment.

Creating trust and efficient co-operation between governments and the business community is essential to achieve a balanced and effective tax system. To assist business and tax authorities in establishing consistent global standards, the ICC Tax Charter provides a common international approach to Tax Charters for individual countries – presenting an effective roadmap based on the rights and obligations of both taxpayers and tax administrations. It aims to foster trust and create confidence in the tax system, improve tax administrative efficiency, as well as enhance certainty for business.