ICC Roadmap for Internet Governance

  • 11 November 2016

ICC has reviewed its past policy positions, most notably the Global Action Plan for EBusiness, and summarized its general views related to the roles of different stakeholders in the information society.

At the close of the first phase of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), December 2003 governments called upon the UN Secretary General to create a multistakeholder Working Group on Internet Governance.

The pace of change, the fast evolving state of the Internet and the creation of a global information society heighten the risks associated with premature or unnecessary government regulation. This has increased the responsibility of business to promote a trustworthy environment through self-regulation and technological innovation.

Business has a strong market incentive to foster the empowerment of users. But it will only make the necessary investments if it can trust that governments will recognize and reinforce the leadership of business in responding to the highly dynamic nature of the Internet.