ICC Policy Position on the One-Stop-Shop Mechanism

  • 11 November 2016

This policy statement outlines the position of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) on the one-stop-shop mechanism as agreed on during the legislative co-decision procedure in the European Union (EU) institutions.

This statement highlights the importance of the one-stop-shop for the EU and global industry, and emphasizes that such a mechanism should be governed by streamlined, non-bureaucratic rules.

It further explains that complex and time-consuming administrative requirements would compromise the goals of a one-stop-shop, negatively affecting large companies and small and medium-sized enterprises. Finally, it urges that the one-stop-shop should enable EU citizens to turn to their local authorities for resolution of complaints, but that the processes among local Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) to provide such recourse should be harmonized so as not to add unnecessary bureaucracy that would cost time and resources.

ICC is encouraged by the one-stop-shop provision currently under consideration as part of the proposed General Data Protection Regulation. We believe that the adoption of a streamlined, harmonized one-stop-shop mechanism would yield important benefits for all stakeholders – businesses, individuals and data authorities – and will contribute to the ultimate goal of the proposed Regulation of promoting the development of a single digital market in the EU. ICC is available to work with policymakers as it continues to define the contours and details of a practical, optimally effective one-stop-shop mechanism.