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ICC Global Survey on Trade Finance 2016

  • 23 November 2016
ICC Global Survey on Trade Finance 2016

ICC Global Survey on Trade Finance 2016

ICC Global Survey on Trade Finance 2016

A detailed statistical analysis of the regional and global trends in trade and trade finance, followed by a digest of the latest trends in the support of trade operations by export finance, export insurance, forfaiting, factoring, as well as multilateral development banks, and views on the growing relevance of digitisation developments and the importance of financing trade sustainably.

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The report findings portray a worsening global shortage of trade finance, in particular due to a growing number of banks concerned about ability to finance global trade, SMEs taking up almost 60% of the total trade finance transactions rejected and the perceived acute shortages of trade finance in Africa.


Global Economic Outlook

Prospects For Global Trade

Global and Regional Trends in Trade Finance

Swift Trade Messaging Trends for the Calendar Year 2015

Business intelligence

The SWIFT portfolio

Trade Finance and SMEs: A Call for Action

Analysis of Global Trade Finance Gaps

Business Trends in export Finance

Business Trends in export Insurance

Business Trends in Forfaiting

Business Trends in factoring

Africa Highlight

SME Competitiveness in Africa: Spotlight on Finance and Connectivity

Sustainable Trade Finance – Perspectives on the State of the Market

Digitisation of Trade and Trade Finance

ICC and the Banking Commission: Advocacy and engagement at the highest levels of the international system

Multilateral Development Banks’ Trade Financing

Interview: Trade facilitation and development


Closing remarks