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ICC Global Survey on Trade Finance 2015

  • 23 November 2016
ICC Global Survey on Trade Finance 2015

ICC Global Survey on Trade Finance 2015

ICC Global Survey on Trade Finance 2015

A detailed statistical analysis of the regional and global trends in trade finance followed by a digest of the activities of multilateral development banks and export credit agencies in trade finance that charts their growing presence.

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With 482 respondents from 112 countries across the world, the record response rate to this year’s 2015 Global Survey on Trade Finance shows that developments and trends in international trade and finance are now centre stage in the minds of stakeholders and policymakers.


World Economic Outlook

Structural Factors in the Global Trade Slowdown

Global and Regional Trends in Trade Finance

Highlight: ICC Trade Register

SWIFT Trade Messaging Trends

Highlight: Trade Finance in Latin America and the Caribbean

Business Trends in Factoring

Business Trends in Export Finance

Business Trends in Export Insurance

Analysis of Global Trade Finance Gaps

Highlight: Enabling Inclusive and Sustainable Growth Through SME Competitiveness

Multilateral Development Banks

Regional Focus: Middle East and North Africa

Highlight: ICC Academy

Looking Ahead – Expert Observations and Analysis for the Future