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ICC Global Report on Trade Finance 2012

  • 11 November 2016

ICC Global Report on Trade Finance 2012

Rethinking Trade and Finance will be a useful tool for both policymakers and senior executives in financial institutions worldwide, enabling them to better understand the broad challenges that must be tackled to ensure that trade finance continues to play a vital role in the financing of global trade.

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This 2012 ICC Global Survey received responses from representatives of 229 banks located in 110 countries. This response rate represents a continued increase over that of previous Surveys. In 2011, responses were received from 210 banks in 94 countries, and in 2010, from 161 banks in 75 countries. The increase in the number of countries participating allows us to provide a more diverse view of the global position regarding trade finance activity and constraints.



Executive summary: A continuing tradition of providing leading information on trade and finance

Section 1: Background and methodology

Section 2: World Economy: A rocky 2011 and uncertain prospects for 2012

Trade Snapshots: Kah Chye Tan, Daniel Cotti, John Ahearn and Daniel Schmand give us their take on the current environment for trade finance and their expectations going forward for 2012

Section 3: Trade finance statistics: Global and regional trends

Section 4: A regional focus from the Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs)

Dialogue: Ranil Salgado talks with Vincent O’Brien about the changing patterns of global trade

Section 5: Business trends in export credit insurance