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ICC Global Report on Trade Finance 2011

  • 11 November 2016
ICC Global Report on Trade Finance 2011

ICC Global Report on Trade Finance 2011

ICC Global Report on Trade Finance 2011

In these Surveys our aim is to provide leaders with independent, accurate and in-depth analysis of trends in trade finance to keep them at the forefront of industry knowledge.

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In this Survey, completed in collaboration with leading international institutions, we have brought together some of the most forward-thinking industry experts in banking and international institutions to scan the world for signs of change in business and trade and to help our members make sense of emerging patterns and their implications.

Because these changes are accelerating – driven by revolutionary technologies, fast-moving emerging markets and collapsing products and firms – the ICC Survey 2011 provides an enhanced regional focus, with exclusive data provided from emerging economies. In the past, we have been successful in presenting a global picture of trade and finance. It is logical that we now offer cuttingedge information on regional developments.



Executive summary

An industry outlook on the recovery

Section 1 Background and methodology

Section 2 World economy: Expectations point to recovery

Section 3 Trade finance statistics: Global and regional trends

Section 4 A regional focus from the multilateral development banks

Section 5 Business trends in export credit insurance

Section 6 Impacts of the new regulatory regime

Section 7 The way forward and conclusion