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10 ICC recommendations to make Requests for Information in competition investigation more efficient

  • 15 October 2023

10 recommendations to make Requests for Information in competition investigation more efficient

A surge in merger enforcement, related market studies and investigations by competition authorities has led to a significant growth in Requests for Information in recent years. In response to this trend, ICC has set out 10 recommendations for competition authorities issuing Requests for Information, and recipients, typically businesses, responding to them.

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Requests for Information in the context of competition investigations are an essential part of antitrust and competition law enforcement. Recent years have seen a notable increase in Requests for Information issued to so-called non-target third parties, which are not directly under investigation but able to assist competition authorities in obtaining valuable information.

In view of these recent developments, ICC recognises the legitimate interest of competition authorities to gather relevant information necessary to prevent and remedy competition violations through appropriate enforcement action. ICC equally encourages competition authorities to undertake that effort in a responsible way to eliminate unnecessary burdens imposed upon businesses, customers, competitors and suppliers of merging parties receiving Requests for Information.

By providing recommendations, ICC aims to help competition authorities obtain information more effectively through Requests for Information used to conduct investigations or market studies. They are also designed in a way to make the process of information collection more efficient and transparent for all those involved, with the hope that this effort will

The recommendations are supported by an analysis of past practices and procedures used by a diverse range of competition authorities.

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