Global governance

WEF’s Robert Greenhill addresses ICC in Geneva

  • 26 June 2014
ICC Trade Finance

Managing Director and Chief Business Officer of the World Economic Forum Robert Greenhill addressed a gathering of ICC representatives in Geneva yesterday, describing the relationship between the two organizations as “fantastic”.

“WEF is a multistakeholder and neutral organization. We are not a business organization,” he said. “We believe that that the world is better off when all groups come together to discuss issues. So, when it came to making sure some movement was made on a multilateral deal at the WTO ministerial meeting in Bali last year, ICC was able to represent the voice of business and play a critical and a complementary role to that of the WEF.”

ICC representatives from 40 countries attended the dinner, which took place on the eve of ICC governing body meetings that will continue until Friday. Members of the audience also included ICC Chairman Harold (Terry) McGraw, Vice-Chairman Sunil Mittal, Honorary Chairman Gerard Worms and Secretary General Jean-Guy Carrier.

Mr Greenhill described the working relationship between ICC and WEF on issues such as anti-corruption, the trade agenda and the G20 process as “the perfect marriage”. “ICC has played a really important role in terms of representing business and helping business do business better,” he said.

Referring to ICC’s involvement in the Business 20 (B20) Mr Greenhill stated: “Business has not only been able to contribute ideas and perspectives into the G20 process but also to demonstrate how much it has done to provide continuity over the years. Without question, ICC has been integral to that. The B20 group that you set up has provided continuous engagement that the actual governments have not been able to provide themselves.”

Mr Greenhill concluded that working together, ICC and WEF played a powerful role showing how business can be a progressive, positive, global and united voice in a challenging global economy.