Universities and mediators can now apply to ICC’s 10th International Commercial Mediation Competition

  • 16 July 2014
ICC Mediation Competition

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) International Centre for ADR will celebrate the 10th edition of the International Commercial Mediation Competition from 6-11 February 2015.

Universities and mediators can now apply to this unique event which will attract participants from all over the world.

The Competition is the only moot devoted exclusively to international commercial mediation and is open to law and business schools worldwide. It provides an excellent opportunity for the next generation of international lawyers and business professionals to hone their dispute resolution and mediation advocacy skills. With its incredible international outreach and selective procedure, the Competition has become ICC’s biggest educational event and a must-go event for the commercial mediation community across the globe. A series of festive activities will also take place this year to celebrate the 10th anniversary.

Throughout the Competition, university students face complex international business problems which they attempt to resolve in mediation proceedings conducted pursuant to the ICC Mediation Rules. Victoria Serigano, student and member of the team from Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, United States, said: “This Competition was the best experience of my law school career. I greatly appreciated the opportunity to meet ADR practitioners and law students from around the world.”

The event is also an unforgettable experience for professional mediators, who every year look forward to catching up with the latest trends in mediation. Rosemary Howell, Coach, University of New South Wales, Australia said: “The ICC mediation Competition continues to be the most important event of its kind in the world. Those of us who have the privilege of participating – students, coaches and professionals – return to our day jobs enriched by what we have experienced. It is a wonderful adventure in professional development, collegiality and cultural exploration.”

A truly selective event, ICC will choose 66 universities from all over the world and over 120 professional mediators. Universities can apply online from 11 July to 5 October 2014. To account for different school schedules around the world, there will be two application periods. The first application period will run from 11 July until 17 August 2014, while the second will run from 1 September until 5 October 2014. Professional mediators are invited to apply from 11 July until 26 October.

The 10th International Commercial Mediation Competition is part of ICC’s Mediation Week, which also features the second edition of the ICC International Mediation Round Table. International professional mediators and academics will gather to discuss best practice and experience during a day solely dedicated to their exchange and professional development. “It is a top event for the mediation world: high profiles in action during one of the best learning and exchanging experiences worldwide,” said Corrado Mora, Mediator and Lawyer from Italy.

Mediation Week is organized by the ICC International Centre for ADR, the administrative body that oversees the application of the ICC Mediation, Expertise, Dispute Boards and DOCDEX Rules. Located in Paris, the Centre works with parties to establish a holistic dispute resolution solution that meets the parties’ specific interests. The Centre administers commercial mediations under the ICC Mediation Rules with parties from all continents.

ICC International Centre for ADR