Unique ICC seminar to shed light on defence procurement

  • 5 January 2011
Antitrust compliance

With an August 2011 deadline looming for implementation of the new European Commission (EC) Directive on Defence and Sensitive Security Procurement, ICC is set to host a unique seminar to aid understanding of the Directive and its implications in the context of its legal framework.

Gathering some of the world’s leading experts in defence procurement the event will take place on 1 February at ICC headquarters in Paris.

Despite its potential to enhance prospects of establishing and integrating a European Defence Equipment Market, the Directive raises many questions and issues that will be up for discussion during the seminar.

“In order for international businesses to fully understand, comply and reap the benefits of the Directive 2009/81/EC, it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of its scope, its relationship to existing law and regulation, and the required compliance procedures,” said Lauri Railas, Co-Chair of the ICC Task Force on Public Procurement and Attorney-at-law, Krogerus Attorneys, Finland.

Bringing together government and industry representatives, the one-day seminar will not only acquaint delegates with the substance of the Directive, but also analyse the wider implications and opportunities that it presents in terms of exemptions, derogations and governmental challenges as well as its impact on the business sector.

Michael Bowsher, Co-Chair of the ICC Task Force on Public Procurement and QC, Monckton Chambers, UK said: “This opportune seminar will brief participants on the commercial practicalities of involvement in the defence and security sectors after implementation takes effect. It will also suggest possible solutions in cases when there has been a failure to comply with the Directive.”

The event entitled: The new EU Directive: Towards Market-based Defence and Sensitive Security Procurement will particularly benefit management, legal professionals, officials and practitioners working in the defence and security sector.