Top-notch mediators gather in Paris

  • 25 September 2013
Paris Agreement

On 18-20 September 2013, many of the world’s leading mediators gathered in Paris to attend the annual conference of the International Academy of Mediators.

The Academy has set at its aim to foster the highest standards of integrity and competence in the mediation of commercial disputes. Alongside mediation experts from Italy, France and the Netherlands, Hannah Tümpel, the Manager of the ICC International Centre for ADR was invited to speak during the Conference on the topic “Mediation Directive in Practice”.

The session focused on the theory and practice of the EU mediation directive in different EU member countries. Ms. Tümpel spoke about the effects of the mediation directive for the use of mediation in cross-border disputes. Other sessions during the event focused on a diverse range from topics – including a session on what insurance companies love and hate about mediation to an interactive session in which the participants shared their best techniques and tips and tricks for a successful mediation.