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The ICC Banking Commission annual meeting: Six things to know

  • 6 April 2016
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The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Banking Commission is holding its Annual Meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa this week – bringing the event to Africa for the first time. This major forum gathers the world’s who’s who of the trade finance industry and provides participants with exciting opportunities throughout its duration.

Here are 6 things we can expect at the meeting:

ICC Banking Commission annual meeting
ICC Banking Commission annual meeting

1. Networking and discussions on the latest developments in trade finance

The meeting will address the most pressing global challenges facing the trade finance industry today with over 400 trade finance experts, banking professionals, business leaders, lawyers and government officials from 65 countries.

2. Exceptional keynote and panel speakers

The international line-up of experts and speakers include John Danilovich, ICC Secretary General; Steven Beck of Asian Development Bank; Sim Tshabalala of Standard Bank; Cas Coovadia of Banking Association South Africa; Axel Schimmelfig of International Monetary Fund; Marc Auboin of the World Trade Organization; Luca Corsini of Deutsche Bank; and Shezad Sharjeel and Hyung Ahn, both of the International Finance Corporation.

3. The most open forum to influence policy and guidelines that govern the trade finance industry

Participants have a chance to take part in and influence debates through question and answer sessions featured in the meeting’s interactive roundtables and panel discussions. The dynamic event covers a range of topics based on three main categories: global and regional economies; risk and risk mitigation; and development and infrastructure in Africa.

4. An exclusive Trade Finance Policy Consultation Forum

The forum aims to advance talks on barriers of trade finance and the measures that must be taken to support the growth of small- and medium-sized businesses – particularly in emerging markets.

5. An opportunity to discuss developments in market practice

The meeting is an ideal opportunity to discuss technical topics related to bank guarantees, financial crime risk, supply chain finance and regulation – among other important issues – with the special ICC Banking Commission task forces and working groups, which are set to convene today and Tuesday.

6. The introduction of four new members of the ICC Banking Commission Advisory Board

Introducing Pravin Advani, Nadya Talhouni, Neo Bock Cheng and Alexander Goulandris. Mr Advani is the Managing Director of Global Head of Global Trade and Loan Products at JP Morgan Singapore and will represent the United States. Heading the MENA region is Ms Talhouni, Arab Bank’s Global Head of GTS and International Subsidiaries Corporate and Institutional Banking (CIB). OCBC’s Head of Global Transaction Banking, Mr Bock Cheng will lead Asia. And finally, Mr Goulandris, Co-founder and CEO of essDOCS, will represent FinTech – a priority topic for the Banking Commission in 2016.

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ICC Banking Commission Annual Meeting 2016 "Trade in Africa"