Six rewards to reap by attending the ICC Institute’s International Contracts Training

  • 6 September 2016
DOCDEX expert

Never make critical mistakes again by mastering your skills at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Institute of World Business Law’s International Contract training held from 3-6 October 2016 in Paris.

The realities of entering into and drafting an international contract can be daunting and challenging. Here are six advantages of taking part in this advanced-level course.

Benefit from hands-on training

This comprehensive training is expressly designed for a maximum of 40 total participants. Each will not only have the time and space to develop their understanding and skills, but also demonstrate what they have learned to receive instant constructive feedback. A mock case will be used to aid attendees in focusing in-depth on the issues that may arise when handling international contracts.  To ensure active participation and engagement attendees will be split into groups of ten.

Gain valuable advice and industry tips

Pulling from ICC’s international roster of experts, this training will include 14 professionals and practitioners. Each will share their own expertise, experiences and insight that will be without doubt extremely valuable. Attendees will be able to walk away with new perspectives, ideas and strategies that will prove to be indispensable in their own professions.

Develop essential know-how

Attendees will be able to finesse their negotiating tactics, familiarize themselves with redrafting specific clauses of a multi-party contract and other fundamental tasks.  From the importance of cultural and legal differences and how to best avoid mishaps to the appropriate approaches to resolving disputes, attendees will finish the course with a new set of polished skills they can immediately put into use.

Boost your contract drafting confidence

An extra shot of confidence can go a long way. Build self-assurance with three full days of intense training and personalized attention from leading experts throughout the duration of the course. The programme’s dynamic structure will allow attendees to harness their international contract drafting strengths and provide the assurance needed to create bullet proof agreements.

Connect with an international group of professionals

The course’s small setting paired with a social cocktail reception on Tuesday, 4 October permits attendees to mix and mingle with fellow like-minded professionals. Share experiences, connect around similar interests and exchange knowledge, all while being part of the extensive ICC network.

Earn course credits

Attendees will be happy to know that they can receive 24 CLE credits and 21 MCLE, CPD, and CNB credits for their participation.

Learn more about this ICC Institute’s Level 2 Training on International Contracts here.

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