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Seven reasons Torino is the ideal host for the ICC WCF 9th World Chambers Congress

  • 10 June 2014
ICC World Chambers

The countdown has begun. In less than one year, Torino will take centre stage as host of the 9th World Chambers Congress (9WCC). So what do you know about this charming city at the foothills of the Italian Alps, and why it makes the perfect location for the Congress?

A lively city in the heart of Europe

Boasting a population of 2.2 million, prime location in north-west Italy, and well-connected transportation networks, Torino has a lively economy supporting more than 231,000 businesses, and a strong industrial and financial tradition.

An emerging international hub for business…

In 2013 Turin attracted 630 multinationals to invest. It is also home to international organizations including the European Training Foundation, International Labour Organization and Unicri. The region is fourth in Italy for number of enterprises and second for exports. People from different cultures cooperate to share experiences and work together for excellent products and services.

…and a historic centre for art and culture

Turin was Italy’s first capital city, home to its royal family and the cradle of the Arte Povera modern art movement. For visitors, a rich cultural heritage awaits including museums, art galleries, castles and UNESCO-listed palaces, along with the world’s second most-important collection of Egyptian antiquities outside Cairo.

A diversifying economy

FIAT has made its cars here for over a century, helping the region develop a strong reputation for its auto-parts and car-design sector. But that’s not all: the region today is undergoing a complex transformation, building on its proud industrial background to develop a diversified economy with aerospace, mechatronics, information and communication technologies, energy and environment, biomed, design, food and wine, textiles and cinema.

An innovative community with an eye on the future

Turin is first in Italy for hi-tech patents, private investments in research and development (R&D), and investment in innovation in the manufacturing sector. Its four universities, 200 R&D centres, 380 labs, and four technological parks, serve biotech, renewable energies and biofuel, agrifood research, environment, ICT, greenbuilding and hydrogen. What’s more, Turin developed modules of the International Space Station and the first Italian-European fuel cell aeroplane.

A track record of hosting prestigious events (and not just the 2006 Olympic Winter Games)

The 9th World Chambers Congress is not the only major event on Turin’s calendar. In 2015 it will host many high-level international congresses, exhibitions and sports events, not to mention being just a short drive from Expo 2015 in Milan.

Events include the international book fair, slow food international taste fair, and Artissima international contemporary art fair, while for business there are meetings for aerospace and defense, software and systems, design and manufacturing, energy and environment, and BioEurope Spring.

‘Made in Italy’ food, wine and shopping adventures

Be it the ‘aperitivo’, ‘bagna cauda’, and ‘tartufo’, a visit to Italy would not be replete without taking in the culinary treats and shopping opportunities. With historical cafes, vibrant squares, stunning architecture and charming landscapes, there’s everything else to enrich your ‘Made in Italy’ experience.

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