World Chambers Congress

Seal the deal at the 9th World Chambers Congress

  • 30 April 2015
ICC Diversity

The ICC WCF 9th World Chambers Congress will feature two exciting networking initiatives that will allow participants to seek new international business opportunities and build enduring business relationships.

According to participants, networking is the first reason why they attend the Congress. ‘Network Connections’ and ‘Business Excellence’ are part of the business programme developed by the Torino Chamber of Commerce, and represent a unique opportunity to ensure a sustainable future for chambers, business leaders and companies, through the use and creation of an international and professional long-lasting business network.

How does the business programme work?

Network connections programme

Over the three days of Congress, there will be five one-hour time slots, during which delegates can book meeting appointments with fellow participants they wish to meet. This meeting will occur in the ‘network connections box’ – a dedicated space for the networking programme located in the heart of the exhibition area. Each participant will have 20 minutes to interact with his/her peer and will be able to have up to nine appointments throughout the Congress.

This programme is free of charge and participants are invited to request their participation during the online registration process. Once registered, delegates will be able to start booking their networking appointments starting 5 May, via the Congress website.

Business excellence programme

This new level of networking experience is especially targeted to foreign delegations interested in having their business meetings off-site. The programme is based on field visits to companies from different sectors including automotive, aerospace, textile, fashion, design, energy, environment, health, food and wine industries. These visits will be customized depending on the delegate’s interests and are available at a supplementary cost.

Connecting with the participants from the World Chambers Congress, means connecting with the business world. Here are three additional reasons why you should not miss the programme:

  1. Opens new doors: the programme gives you the possibility of meeting people face-to-face for 20 minutes to discuss business ideas, open new opportunities for your company and/or chamber, and exchange insight with people from a variety of markets.
  2. Ensures you meet the “right” people: while talking to different participants, you will spot who can be a fascinating addition to your network and expand your sphere of influence. Networking is all about creating relationships than can be useful for the present or future projects.
  3. Allows you to stand out: personal relationships enable you and your organization to differentiate from the rest, create long-lasting impressions and remain top-of-mind.

Learn all the details of the business programme by downloading the brochure here.

Find out more about the Congress by visiting the website:

Save the date: The ICC WCF 9th World Chambers Congress takes place in Torino, Italy on 10-12 June 2015.