Seal of approval for ICC-Interpol collaboration

  • 19 December 2000

Interpol's General Assembly has given its seal of approval to a cooperation agreement with the International Chamber of Commerce. The resolution will strengthen ties between law enforcement and the private sector in the international fight against commercial crime.

The two organizations will focus their combined forces on combating counterfeiting and internet-based crime, while broadening their collaboration on other common issues.

The agreement was officially approved at Interpol’s recent 69th General Assembly in Rhodes, Greece. It recognizes the advantages of formalizing relations between the ICPO-Interpol and ICC to ensure the “effective coordination of action to combat economic crime in order to assist the Parties with their work in this area”.

Laurent Grosse, the lawyer who negotiated the agreement on behalf of Interpol, said that it was not just a legal formality, but also a sign of the agency’s recognition of the need to co-operate with the private sector.

“Commercial crime can only be fought through joint efforts from the public and private sectors. As an organization representing companies around the world, with whom we have worked closely for many years, ICC is a very well placed partner.” he said.

According to Mr Grosse, sharing expertise and information is beneficial to both sides. Interpol’s fight against counterfeiting relies on sound international cooperation, and will be facilitated by this formal recognition of the partnership.

International commerce would profit from a reduction in counterfeiting which is damaging to legitimate business interests, and can deter foreign investment.

Interpol called on member countries to support cooperation with the international business community and the creation of a “comprehensive programme not only aimed at raising awareness of the problem, but also focusing on a comprehensive strategy to actively combat [counterfeiting].”

The Director of ICC’s Commercial Crime Services, Pottengal Mukundan, said: “Interpol has had links with the CCS Cybercrime unit since it was launched at the “Alliance Against Commercial Crime” meeting last year. I hope this agreement will be a sign that our cooperation will continue long into the future.”

ICC also has agreements with many other international organizations such as the United Nations and the World Bank.