Save 20% on all ICC Institute Dossiers in August

  • 7 August 2014
ICC Publications

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Institute of World Business Law’s prestigious Dossiers series covers salient issues of international commercial law and arbitration.

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The Institute of World Business Law brings together the finest legal minds to strengthen links between international business practitioners and the legal profession. Published annually, the Dossiers are the outcome of the Institute’s annual meetings during which experts from around the globe convene to discuss key topics in international commercial law.

Katharine Bernet, Project Manager, ICC Institute of World Business Law, said: “The Institute’s Dossiers series has gained worldwide prestige among the international business law community. From third-party funding and forms of corruption, to arbitration clauses and parallel state procedures, the Dossiers feature a comprehensive overview of fundamental issues in arbitration given by renowned contributors in international law.”

The series consists of 10 reference documents published from 2003 to 2013. Dossier XI, entitled The Application of Substantive Law by International Arbitrators and to be released in September, offers a thorough analysis of issues that can arise when international arbitrators apply the rules of a national legal system.

“All Dossiers are perfectly adapted to arbitrators, counsel, corporate lawyers and professionals working in an arbitral institution. They are also an excellent resource for students and academics wishing to acquire wider knowledge about the development of international business law and practices,” Ms Bernet added.

The ICC Institute Dossiers are:

The ICC Institute of World Business Law provides research, training and information to international business lawyers. Working closely with the ICC Court of Arbitration and ICC policy commissions, it also acts as a think tank and proposes trainings, conferences and publications on a range of topics related to international business law.

The Institute’s intensive training courses on international commercial arbitration and international contracts are unique and cover an array of topics through the study of mock cases. The next Advanced ICC PIDA Training on International Commercial Arbitration will take place on 29 September – 2 October and provide an in-depth understanding of the ICC Arbitration procedure under the 2012 ICC Rules of Arbitration.

The Institute will also hold its 34th Annual Meeting on 24 November with a Conference on “Addressing Issues of Corruption in Commercial and Investment Arbitration” designed for international trade and dispute resolution professionals.

View the complete list of Institute Dossiers.