Private sector welcomes decision on Internet governance and creation of forum

  • 16 November 2005

The business community today welcomed UN plans to convene an international, multi-stakeholder forum to discuss issues of importance to the Internet.

Reacting to Tuesday night’s eleventh-hour agreement between governments to create a forum, business delegates to the Summit said they looked forward to contributing to its creation and eventual work.

“Business sees great merit in the creation of a truly international, truly inclusive multi-stakeholder forum in which the myriad issues surrounding the Internet can be discussed,” said Guy Sebban, chair of CCBI (Coordinating Committee of Business Interlocutors). “As a complement to existing organizations, such a forum can only further enhance the level of debate about the Internet, facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences and finally, contribute to the ultimate aim of this Summit – the spreading of the many benefits of the Internet to as many of the world’s inhabitants as possible.”

On the subject of Internet governance, the business delegation said it was pleased to see many of its principles reflected in the final text, especially the continued commitment to the private-sector led technical management of the Internet.

Meeting at the Summit this morning, CCBI members – from companies and business associations from all over the world – said they “stood ready” to contribute to the forum the “vast amount of experience and knowledge we have accumulated from many years developing the applications and infrastructure that underpin the Internet”.

Mr Sebban added that the forum could do much to raise awareness among governments and other stakeholders of exactly what was required of them to ensure information communication technologies – including the Internet – flourish in their countries.

He said governments needed to create an “enabling environment” to attract business investment.

“Innovation and entrepreneurship will only thrive in countries where the environment is conducive to doing business,” he said.

CCBI is the official representative body of the private sector at WSIS.
CCBI is an initiative of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).