Global governance

Prague setting for ICC Corporate Governance Roundtable

  • 2 May 2007

With particular focus on Central and Eastern Europe developments on corporate governance, ICC hosted its fourth Corporate Governance Roundtable last month in Prague.

Over 40 experts in the field converged at the meeting. Ludwik Sobolewski, President, Warsaw Stock Exchange, and Miroslav Singer, Vice-Governor, Czech Central Bank, were among the highly experienced guest speakers who led the markedly interactive discussions.

Each year the ICC Commission on Financial Services and Insurance hosts business leaders, investors, corporate governance experts, and government officials at a Corporate Governance Roundtable discussion to promote business-to-business dialogue and recommend policies to enhance corporate governance practices throughout the world.

Chaired by Victor Chu, Chairman, First Eastern Investment Group, the ICC Commission on Financial Services and Insurance identifies financial service priorities and provides policy advice.

Past roundtables have attracted a wide audience and have been extremely useful vehicles in advancing business interests on governance issues. Previous settings include Beijing, Istanbul and London. The fifth ICC Corporate Governance Roundtable is due to take place in New York on 25 October 2007. As has become customary, the ICC Commission on Financial Services and Insurance will meet on the following day.

The fourth ICC Corporate Governance Roundtable took place on 18 April.