Overcoming hurdles focus of upcoming international mediation conference

  • 18 June 2012
ICC Management

Featuring speakers from Shell, Chartis, GE Oil & Gas, SGS, QDVC and Telefonica, ICC’s 3rd International Mediation Conference will provide practical tools and strategies for businesses to surmount obstacles to effective mediations and lasting settlements.

Delving into the practical aspects and challenges that companies face when steering a dispute toward mediation proceedings, the conference entitled Make Mediation Happen! Getting your commercial dispute to successful mediation is set to take place on 2 February 2012, kicking-off ICC’s increasingly popular Mediation Week.

“Many companies recognize the business, economic and reputational value of a consensual procedure to resolve disputes in a timely, cost-efficient and business-wise manner,” said Hannah Tuempel, Manager of the ICC International Centre for ADR. “Yet while corporate management and in-house counsel know that mediation makes sense, they are often unprepared to overcome the various hurdles that can slow down the lead-up to mediation proceedings.”

Offering solutions to this common predicament, and providing convincing arguments and tips for overcoming obstacles to establishing a mediation policy, the conference will provide valuable insight on a range of topics including:

• Which disputes should be submitted to mediation and who should decide
• How in-house counsel and corporate management should prepare for the mediation session
• How to avoid counter-party delay tactics
• How to choose the right mediator for a specific case
• When should the mediation be ad hoc or pursuant to institutional rules
• How to protect company interests with regard to information disclosure and prejudice issues
• What to know about enforcement of mediation agreements

In addition to interactive exercises and practical discussion, international commercial mediators will be on hand to share their perspectives throughout the day on what worked, what didn’t and what they would do better next time.

Now in its third year, the ICC International Mediation Conference series has become one of the leading annual events in commercial dispute resolution, drawing first-rate speakers from companies, law firms and dispute resolution practices around the world to provide real-world insight on the strategic, financial, legal and logistical aspects of commercial dispute resolution.

Because the two previous editions of the conference sold out early, ICC advises in-house counsel, members of corporate management, dispute resolution practitioners and attorneys in law firms to book early.

“Everyone who did not attend the last ICC International Mediation Conference made a mistake,” said former participant Martin Brink of Van Benthem & Keulen (The Netherlands).

Advocating mediation as a management issue, the ICC Mediation Week will take place from 2–8 February 2012 and will also feature the 7th ICC International Mediation Competition, ICC’s biggest educational event of the year.

Potential sponsors interested in the ICC International Mediation Conference should contact Calliope Sudborough. Telephone +33 (0)1 49 53 30 52.