New report unveils dynamics of cross-cultural B2B relationships 

  • 21 May 2024

The executive summary of a groundbreaking new study on the intricate dynamics that characterise cross-cultural B2B relationships is now available for download.

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“The Truth about Cross-Cultural B2B Relationships”, a pioneering study by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Jus Connect and McCann Truth Central, marks a significant milestone in advancing comprehension and methodologies within the realm of international business interactions, as well as those in legal services. 

Leveraging McCann Worldgroup’s expertise in global marketing and communications, the report is a culmination of extensive research, including insights from interviews with over 1,700 business leaders and legal professionals across nine countries. 

The report’s Executive Summary delves further into the profound impact of emotions and cultural fluency on B2B interactions, offering insights to navigate complexities and foster successful outcomes in cross-cultural business and legal environments. 

The actionable insights aim to assist businesses and law firms to develop more effective communication strategies and enhance global trade practices. The report also serves as an effective educational and training resource, guiding policy recommendations and advocacy efforts. 

The “Truth About Cross-Cultural B2B Relationships” is an indispensable tool for business leaders, decision-makers, and lawyers aiming to build and maintain successful international partnerships. Illuminating the path towards culturally sensitive and strategically sound business practices, the report serves as a guidebook for the future of global B2B interactions. 

Claudia Salomon, President of the ICC International Court of Arbitration, said: 

“In our increasingly interconnected world, understanding the intricacies of cross-cultural business-to-business relationships and practices is paramount. The ‘Truth About Cross-Cultural B2B Relationships’ report, a fruitful collaboration between ICC, Jus Connect, and McCann Truth Central, serves as a beacon of insight for navigating the complexities of the ever-evolving global business landscape, empowering us to adapt to current and future trends. As we continue to unveil new ‘truths’ from the study in the coming months, we invite business leaders to embrace its strategic outlook and cultivate more effective, harmonious partnerships across borders.” 

Jean-Remi de Maistre, CEO and Co-Founder of Jus Mundi, emphasised how the report’s findings align with the innovative approach of Jus Mundi’s sister platform, Jus Connect:  

With Jus Connect, our belief is that selecting arbitration professionals should be a transparent, data-driven process. The ‘Truth About Cross-Cultural B2B Relationships’ study not only complements this belief but expands upon it by highlighting the critical role of cultural intelligence in making informed choices. These choices pertain to arbitration and extend to all forms of collaboration, aligning seamlessly with our commitment to data-driven clarity and objectivity in the realm of international legal decisions.” 

Report findings underscore the profound impact of emotions and culture on B2B journeys, highlighting the need for businesses and law firms to prioritise emotional intelligence and cultural awareness among teams. It also unveils the emotional rollercoaster experienced throughout various stages of cross-cultural B2B relationships, urging regular communication to address highs and lows effectively. 

Cultural fluency emerges as a cornerstone for business success, with strategies tailored to resonate with diverse cultural preferences. These strategies foster stronger collaborations and drive innovation opportunities. Additionally, the report highlights the evolving role of legal counsel, advocating for their deeper integration into the B2B journey to navigate complexities and safeguard partnerships. 

Armed with these insights, businesses and law firms are urged to implement actionable strategies to enhance relationship-building, adaptability, and conflict resolution across cultural boundaries, ultimately paving the way for more fruitful and harmonious international collaborations.  

“The Truth about Cross-Cultural B2B Relationships” was presented at the 8th edition of the ICC European Conference on International Arbitration. The full report will be released as a six-part series of white papers later in the year. Examining the role of emotion, culture and behavioural tendencies in B2B relationships, the white papers will cover: