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New report proposes step-change in sustainability business metrics to safeguard global security

  • 19 September 2017
sustainability business metrics to safeguard global security

The Earth Security Report 2017 was launched today, providing a roadmap for global business to align its growth to the demands for social inclusion and environmental security that are defining the countries in which they operate.

Endorsed by International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) as a global outreach partner and supported by HSBC Bank and the Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation, the report underlines the need for business to change its approach to align the impact of its operations to the needs of the societies in which they work.

The report measures the ‘perfect storm’ of environmental, social and governance pressures that are undermining global security and prosperity, visualised with data on 39 converging country pressures. It reveals that the exposure and impact of global industries to issues such as unemployment and pollution is now happening on a global scale and proposes practical changes that companies can make to link their production and consumption footprint to the sustainable growth of countries.

Of the report’s launch, Earth Security Group CEO Alejandro Litovsky noted: “This year’s report marks a new milestone in our mission to align private sector growth with the sustainable development priorities of countries. The Earth Security Report 2017 redefines business metrics by putting forward a practical method for business and investors to define the actions that matter to their sustainable growth.”

Outlining the use and value of the report, ICC Secretary General John Danilovich said: “Earth Security Report 2017 provides a clear analytical roadmap for business and investors to understand the commercial imperatives at the centre of the SDGs.

“The International Chamber of Commerce will actively utilize the findings of this year’s report to inform our dialogue with governments on the implementation of the SDGs – both in national capitals and at the United Nations itself in our unique role as the voice of the world business community in the UN General Assembly.”

For more information on the report, and to download a copy: