New-look ICC Store reaches an even wider audience

  • 5 March 2014
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ICC Services/Publications, ICC’s publishing arm, has launched its new online store. Easier to use, with clearer navigation and an even greater library of print and e-Books in multiple languages, the ICC Store is a convenient, one-stop shop for international business and legal practitioners.

The ICC Store is a convenient resource centre for arbitrators, bankers, lawyers or business professionals involved in cross-border trade.

Unveiled today after several months in development, the redesigned site, which replaces the ICC Bookstore, represents an evolution in terms of its user interface and resources on offer.

Among new design features, the site has improved search functionality and a crisp on-screen layout to improve the browsing experience of its extensive online libraries.

Thanks to latest e-Book technology, customers can immediately download many of the most popular titles directly onto their computers, receiving a copy of the ICC title without delay. Many e-Books are also now available in multiple languages.

New also is an option for customers to leave reviews and comments about the products on offer, bringing a level of interactivity not previously available on the platform.

ICC Secretary General Jean-Guy Carrier said that the new store will help ICC to reach new audiences and members, underlining ICC’s role as the world business organization.

“In terms of both content and delivery, this new online platform gives us the capability to deliver ICC products in the format and with the efficiency that our members have come to expect,” he said.

Publications and resources on offer in the ICC Store cover three broad categories: ICC rules and standards (including model contracts and the world renowned Incoterms® rules), practical guidelines and reference works.

The rules and accompanying guidelines, which form the core of the publishing programme, are updated periodically to take account of technical developments and the evolution of commercial and banking practices.

Some of the best-known publications, including Incoterms® 2010 and Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP) have been translated into more than 30 languages.

To celebrate the opening, the ICC Store is offering 20% off a variety of publications, valid until 10 March.

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