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MRM business awards honours top performing companies

  • 14 April 2009

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce has announced the 18 winners of its prestigious Mohammad bin al Rachid Maktoum business awards for outstanding entrepreneurship and contribution to the development of the United Arab Emirates.

The fourth annual  awards, the only local award named after the UAE Prime Minister, are given out by the host, the Dubai Chamber, in recognition of outstanding initiatives in the UAE of responsible business performance.

“The growing number of companies participating in the award is proof that excellence has become a wider field for competition between the companies and establishments operating in Dubai, indicating a healthy work environment unique to the emirate’s corporate culture,” remarked  Prince Sifiso Zulu, Vice Chair of ICC’s World Chambers Federation, who was a judge once again this year for the Award.

Two new award categories were added this year, Corporate Social Responsibility and Supply Chain & Logistics, to mark the important role they play in the economic development of a country. The five other existing categories are Manufacturing, Finance, Re-Export, Construction, and Real Estate Development.

“The MRM Award has acquired a massive importance due to its role in highlighting the best business practices and excellent performance of certain firms, and for appreciating its contribution to the national economy,” said Rahman Saif Al Ghurair, Chairman, Dubai Chamber.

“Moreover, the Award enables the participating firms to get detailed and confidential feedback reports on the company’s business performance and areas of strength and development, and that in itself is a good result and an opportunity to excel in the UAE business,”  Mr Al Ghurair added.

The selection process involves a thorough checking and accurate analysis of the participating companies to insure they meet the requirements and criteria of the award, which are based on the Business High Performance Model developed by Dubai Chamber. The criteria include issues related to the management and performance of the firms and comprise five elements –leadership perspectives, strategic initiatives, quality, corporate culture and corporate social responsibility.

A record 234 companies participated in the competition this year, up from 209 companies last year and just 126 when the awards were established in 2005.





Real Estate Development

Corporate Social Responsibility

Supply Chain and Logistics

Free Zones Manufacturing

Dubai Chamber of Commerce is a member of ICC through its affiliate in the UAE; and a member of the World Chambers Federation.