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Launch of CIPE-ICC WCF governance principles

  • 10 June 2011
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The Center of International Private Enterprise (CIPE), an affiliate of the US Chamber of Commerce, and the ICC World Chambers Federation (WCF) jointly launched new Governance Principles for Business Associations and Chambers of Commerce this week during the 7th World Chambers Congress in Mexico City.

CIPE and WCF have been working closely over the past several months to develop a set of governance principles that would serve as a reference point for chambers and associations globally. With the input of more than 60 WCF chamber members from across the world, the principles are truly global in scope and application. Contributions were received, from economies as diverse as Uruguay, Australia, Lebanon, Turkey, Cyprus, Canada, South Africa, Sweden, Israel, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ghana, India, Jordan, and the United Kingdom.

“From our work around the world we know that good governance is the foundation upon which successful chambers and associations are built,” said John D. Sullivan, CIPE Executive Director. “We are especially excited about our partnership with WCF on this initiative and are looking forward to future joint work to ensure that these principles inspire a broad movement towards better governance in chambers and associations globally.”

Inspired by Corporate Governance Principles issued by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) for companies, these principles are designed to facilitate good governance, evaluation, and reform within business associations and chambers, whether they be public law/private law, local, regional, or national. These principles provide a starting platform for developing and strengthening specific mechanisms related to good governance.

“I hope that the ongoing partnership between WCF and CIPE will continue to lead to new efforts and programs that strengthen the chamber movement globally. We believe that a serious commitment to good governance outlined in these principles will help position chambers and associations as leaders in economic reform and job creation,” said Rona Yircali, WCF Chair.

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