Last chance to join the ICC Institute’s training on ICT in arbitration

  • 30 November 2017
last chance join institute training

In business transactions, everything is going digital and the world of international arbitration is no exception. But as arbitrators, it can be challenging to work both securely and efficiently. For legal practitioners wanting to bolster their knowledge and practical know-how, the ICC Institute of World Business Law invites you to attend its dedicated a one-and-a-half day training on the tools to best handle information and communication technology (ICT) in international arbitration. The course is set to be held in Paris from 4-5 December.

Born as a compliment to the updated Information Technology in International Arbitration Report, which was released earlier this year, this course aims to showcase how various ICT solutions may be used in traditional arbitral proceedings.

Gain technical expertise

Led by a team of technical experts, each with their own speciality, the programme has been designed for both established independent arbitrators and young practitioners just starting out in the field. From the procedural and technical relevance of ICT for arbitrators to the impact of eDisclosure on possible procedural directions to cybersecurity, to best practices for sending and receiving peer-to-peer communications—this training offers a toolkit of methods and technologies to help arbitrators with their day-to-day duties.

Receive practical instruction

Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops or tablets to the training, as the ICC Institute’s curriculum has been developed to be hands-on, providing step-by-step instruction to help master skills. With explanations and recommendations on standard technologies such as e-mails, online filing and video conferencing — including a look at their potentials and the issues they most often raise in arbitration-related contexts— arbitrators will be better equipped to effectively manage arbitral proceedings.

Head of the course programme, Erik Schafer, a lawyer at Cohausz and Florack and member of the ICC Institute of World Business Law said: “Experience shows that a basic understanding of ICT is often not enough for allowing its efficient use. Rather, some crucial details concerning the implementation of ICT tools must be known in order to be effective and have satisfying results.  From another perspective, being able to assess what an ICT solution is incapable of achieving is also important.  This new, hands-on workshop aims at providing this kind of knowledge on an operation level without losing sight of procedural aspects.”

Only a few days remain to register for the ICC Institute training on tools to handle ICT in international arbitration. Be sure to reserve your place today.